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Happy Tails


Leroy was brought to us after being surrendered from a neglect situation.  He had been living outside in his own filth with no one to love him.  He quickly became a Shelter favorite and proved to be a social fun friendly dog.  He quickly found his happy ever after in a local town living with another young hound dog.


Sophie was a young Boxer who had been used to produce many puppies.  She came to us a a three year old ready for a new life.  She was very thin and shy when she arrived.  We put over 12 pounds on her, spend a few weeks socializing her and she found her forever home in Woodstock CT.  She is living on a horse farm with another Boxer and loving the life she was meant to have.


Barkley came to our Shelter via an Animal Control Officer.  He was a fun active dog but had a congenital birth defect of one front leg.  Our Veterinarian suggested surgery to straighten the leg to avoid crippling lameness later in life.  After speaking with an Orthopedic Surgeon we set out to fund raise for the needed surgery.  In two weeks we raised almost four thousand dollars with the support of the local community.  Barkley had his surgery and was quickly adopted into a loving home.  We get updates regularly and he is doing well recovering from the surgery.  


Gurgi came to us after his owner died and he as a very fearful shy dog.  We placed Gurgi into a foster home and he blossomed into a fun friendly outgoing little dog.  He quickly found his new family who fell in love with him instantly.  He is continuing to build his confidence in new situations and is a very happy dog.

Dottie heads home!

Dottie came to us a stray and was in need of some surgery for an old hip injury.  She received the medical care she needed and found a perfect home with a previous adopter.  She now shares a home with another young active hound dog and her two wonderful people. 

Custer finds his Happily Ever After

Custer came to us all the way from CA, he was brought East by his family but they decided he was too high energy so they asked us to find him a more suitable home.  He was a young Terrier mix who loved everyone and just loved life.  He quickly found his new home with a local family and is loving life in the Country. 

Choco finds his forever home

Choco came to us after his owner died.   He was a very shy little dog who was intimidated by shelter life.  Choco was placed in a foster home where he could be more comfortable and work on his social skills.  As often happens the foster mom fell in love with him and adopted him.  He now lives with two other dogs, and his foster mom and loves running and playing with his brothers.

Another Happy Ending

Little Lyla came in as a stray, and was never reclaimed.  Lyla was so tiny and scared she just wanted to be snuggled.  She was a favorite in the office and loved to play with the other dogs.  Everyone who met her fell in love with her.  Lyla found a home with a long time Shelter friend and supporter.  She spends her days with her mom and new doggy sister.

Tinsel Shines

Tinsel came to us in the middle of winter, in very dire straights.  Her story showed us the worst of people and the best of dogs.  She was found discarded in a snowbank and yet loved everyone she met.  We all quickly fell in love with her, and were thrilled to see her find her new special family who would love her forever. 

Jax finds his Happy Ever After

Jax came to us as a very troubled and very unsocial little dog.  He had spent the first 6 years of his life very isolated and not introduced to the outside world.  Jax didn't handle shelter life very well so he quickly moved into a foster home.  He slowly learned to trust people and other dogs.  We spent many months working with Jax to overcome his insecurities and help him become a happy outgoing dog.   He kept his foster mom laughing with his silly antics and he loved to have the last word.  Jax happily found his new family and is living the life of Riley with a cat and his new mom.  

Oscar Found his forever home

Oscar was a typical Terrier, that was a shelter favorite and cute as a button.  He quickly found his forever home and is happily running the household in typical terrier fashion.

Smudge is enjoying his slow paced life with his new person

Smudge was a cute dog with too much baggage to carry. While in transition at the shelter he lightened is load and found is new home.

Tenzin happy with his new sister

Tenzin was a charming little Tibetan Spaniel who quickly found a home with a wonderful family and another beautiful Tibetan Spaniel  They quickly became fast friends. 

Guinness is very happy with his new family

Guinness was one of 7 puppies recently adopted from the shelter his family is totally in love with him and I think the feeling is mutual!

Happy ending update for Cheeto

"Dear Leslee,

There have been so many times my family and I have said how lucky we all are to have found this very special dog.

In April we brought Cheeto home and I can safely say not one of us can imagine living without him – he is a joy and a love, a comfort to us all.

He may honestly be the best dog we have ever owned.  As the bumper sticker reads, “Who saved who?”

We thank you all so much for your special work, and the love and affection you show to these sweet dogs that come to you.

Our transition with Cheeto was so easy, largely in part to your role in handling him before we got him home.

Happy Adopter"

Alec finds his own family

Alec was another one of our most difficult little dogs who had some serious trust issues.  Alec came to us a puppy and had already had a hard life.  We didn't give up on him and after many months of training and socialization he won the heart and found a permanent home with one of our awesome volunteers.

Lacey aka Twiglet is loving her new family

Lacey was a shelter favorite and found a home in Boston with a great family and a brother who has become her best friend

Cuddles find a home

Cuddles was one of our small dogs who needed to be fostered and has found her perfect home!  Her new name is Minnie!

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