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Sunday, November 13th, 2022

Wendell State Forest (Ruggles Pond)
392 Wendell Road
Millers Falls, Ma 01349

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Do You Love to Run?! Or Maybe You Prefer Walking?!
Come on out on November 14th and Support your Local Dog Shelter!
We will be hosting a "9K for K9" on November 13th at the Wendell State Forest in Millers Falls.
We will have (2) separate routes planned out for Runners and Walkers.
If you choose to walk, you can even bring your K9 to the 9K for K9! (Please see details below).
Plus if you sign up before October 14th, you will get a 9K for K9 Tee-Shirt too!
New! Your canine can join you on the walking route.
However there will be some requirements:
  1. Due to rules and regulations around running, canines will NOT be allowed to be on any part of the running route. No exceptions.
  2. Flexi or extendable leashes will not be allowed. Your canine must be leashed by a fixed length leash, not longer then 6feet and must be leashed at all times. No exceptions.
  3. You must clean up after your pet if natures calls to it. No exceptions.
  4. Please remember that this is a Family Friendly Event and we want everyone to have a good time! So please be kind to your canine and the people around you. If they are unhappy or nervous around people, other animals, or loud noises they would be much happier cheering you on from your couch at home!

Please feel free to download and share the poster for this event!

You can download it by clicking on the poster photo below. 

9K for K9 2022 Trail Run.png

We are always looking to add new sponsors
for this event. If you are interested in becoming
sponsor and helping out the dogs at the 
Franklin County Regional Dog Shelter
Check out or Sponsor Packet found here
(Or click on the .pdf icon to the right)

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